What is The LRW Project?

The LRW Project is the name in which under York born and bred Singer/Songwriter Leon Robert Winteringham will release all current and future music.

Who is The LRW Project?

So, my name is Leon... Leon Robert Winteringham, I am born and raised here in York in the United Kingdom. I’ve always been into music as far back as I can remember! Writing my own Record was just the next logical thing to do as a listener/lover & player of music.

Why Now?

Good question... I suppose it all just boils down to timing! I could have done this many years ago, but I just would not have had the focus needed at the time to put out a solid enough Record... It’s all timing, now is the right time... That and the fact that I swore to myself that I would release an Album before I hit 30... “Check” ✅

Who are your influences?

People always say I have an 80's sound, and I won’t argue... After all, I think you’re only a product of what you listen to and I was brought up on a lot of 80's stuff around the house, New Wave, all the popular stuff and then being a 90's child there was all that going on mixed with some Trance and what not up until I discovered the Guitar at the age of 11/12... Then it was Big Arena Rock from there on out \m/ but it changes every day, a good song is a good song!

What is the Album about?

I suppose the Album is just about my 20's... All the loves, all the repeating & all the wondering! All relatable stuff to the listener, I’m no special case... Just life! You know!

How did the Album come about?

I wrote the Album throughout 2017 & early 2018 and shelved it multiple times because I didn't think it was good enough! It was only when I let a few people listen to the Demo’s that I started to realise that I actually had quite a catchy Album on my hands and set about recording it properly at the end of 2018 with the Graves Brothers \m/

So what does the future hold for you/The LRW Project?

It really depends on how the Album is perceived! But other than that, just more new music... All I ever want to do from here on out is release new music, even if no-one listens! Some people write diaries... Mine are my songs, time capsules for me to look back on even if no-one else cares... As far as a next Album... Lets just say... It completely blows this one out of the water!

Are there any plans to play live?

I would love to do some one off shows... I’m currently the only member at the moment but I’ve got a list of players in mind to ask to help me out if ‘and only if’ people would like to hear the songs live! It’s all new territory for me at the moment! If live is what people want... I’ll get rehearsing.

Final Words...

I just want people to enjoy the listen/the Album as a whole... I’m old school like that! Album's in their entirety are a dying art form! Liner Notes, CD's, the whole package start to end.

I’m super proud how all of this has turned out... It’s time for me to let it go now and see what happens next...


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My Debut Album: To Love, Repeat & Wonder? Will be available on CD, Download and all Streaming Services Worldwide from the 10th of May 2019.


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